Green Data Centre Technology Roadmap


    The Green Data Centre Technology Roadmap sets out a framework to improve data centre sustainability. The roadmap aims to reduce energy consumption and improve the energy efficiency of the constituent systems of a data centre – facilities and IT. It assesses and makes recommendations on potential directions for Research, Development & Demonstration (RD&D) to improve the energy efficiency of data centres in Singapore’s context.

    Most data centres in Singapore, many in the middle of their lifespan, were designed and constructed without sustainability and energy conservation in mind. Looking ahead, the Singapore data centre industry is expected to experience strong and sustained growth. Consequently, the Roadmap covers the green initiatives that span existing data centres and new data centres.

    Energy consumption in data centres can be broadly categorised into two categories – energy consumption by IT systems and energy consumption by facility systems (i.e. supporting infrastructure). Three main areas examined in this roadmap are facility, information technology (IT) systems, and an integrated approach to design and deployment of data centres.