Advanced Greenfield Multi-Tier Colocation Data Centre

    Advanced Greenfield Multi-Tier Colocation Data Centre

    i3 was appointed to provide mechanical, electrical and information technology consultancy services for a new entrant to the colocation business. As a new entrant to the data centre industry the Client was unencumbered by preconceptions regarding data centre design. With i3’s advice they were able to deploy a data centre that is both advanced and appealing to their customers.

    The Challenge


    Design a data centre that can accommodate the widely ranging infrastructure requirements of government organizations, financial institutions, enterprises, internet businesses, telecommunication carriers and cloud service providers.

    The data centre should include features that make it more appealing to tenants whilst optimizing total cost of ownership.

    The Result


    A multi-tier 5 storey green-field 200,000sqft data centre comprising and/or options of Tier IV, Tier III, Tier II and Tier I areas. High energy efficiency at partial and full load, double stacked MEP plant to maximize usable floor area. Combined AC and DC power, extensive DCIM for monitoring and asset management. A cooling system using AI for continuous dynamic energy management.

    In anticipation of high density load requirements, each data centre floor can cater for the three fully loaded 10U blade chassis per rack across the floor. A high performance computing data suite is also provided.

    This data centre provides definitive flexibility to its tenants in terms of power, cooling, space, connectivity, control and monitoring requirements to cater for practically all end user requirements.