Canadian Financial Client – Data Center Strategy

    Canadian Financial Client – Data Center Strategy

    In February 2011 a Canadian multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Toronto required a refresh of their data center strategy, comprising a set of work packages to refine critical inputs including a power demand forecast, assessing the implications to their other critical facilities assets, life cycle analysis, evaluation of the potential need for a US data center, risk considerations, and a potential out of region operations center.

    The Challenge


    As the work packages evolved, clarity emerged around the fact that key decisions would need to be made at crucial stages, as well as an understanding and appreciation of the complexities associated with the breadth and number of input variables for consideration.

    The challenge was to successfully address preliminary considerations in order to clarify scope and minimize scenarios for evaluation within the tight timelines and complexity associated with a number of these decisions.

    Enter i3 Solutions


    i3 Solutions provided Data Center Architectural and Strategic consulting services within a structured decision framework program. This included recommending objectives, approach, and scope to better focus the program. For example, would the first two phases of the data center build be combined? Is an upgrade required for specific sites with analysis of the cost implications? Should an investment be made in a US data center asset? If so, what size and for what workload? How many sites would be needed, and how much would it moderate the demand at the remaining sites?

    The Result


    During this engagement, our role consisted of providing strategic consulting, oversight and advisory services. We were instrumental in leading and driving and the following:

    • Established a governance structure and approach to help ensure decision-makers and stakeholders have the right information at the right time.
    • The development of a re-useable Decision Framework that effectively manages complexity for linking enterprise decisions and objectives to data center investment events, incorporating an appropriate level of agility and flexibility to respond to changing business demands and strategies.
    • A complete decision strategy of the client’s future state data center topology and site location plan for the next 5 years.
    • The creation of an Integrated Evaluation Model that allowed the organization to reflect the appropriate balance of the business impacts related to cost, risk, quality, and speed in its decisions.
    • Data collection for statistical forecasting of the data center elements for power and space projections.