International Financial Analytics Company

    International Financial Analytics Company

    i3 Solutions Group was appointed as consultants to deliver a consolidation project across multiple geographical locations. i3‘s consultants implemented an in-depth programme to consolidate seven data centres into a newly built central data centre.

    The Challenge


    The consolidation entailed extensive physical and logical mapping of the application environment, analyses of the underlying business process requirements and subsequent live migration of data.

    The Result

    Utilising our offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, London and New York we were able to directly interact with the client business to ensure a comprehensive understanding each system across all business units and countries. And prepare migration strategies to enable a seamless migration to the new data centre. The strategies applied included application migrations, pure data migrations, and where required, the re-engineering of internal business processes to enable better use of applications deployed regionally.


    The final outcome was a successful consolidation programme whereby the client was able to realize numerous benefits, examples include:

    • Application, data security and integrity. In migrating business critical data to a central highly resilient data centre, the client has significantly reduced the risks associated with data loss / down time due to sub-optimal localised infrastructure.
    • Reduced costs and increased cost avoidance. The solution has enabled the client to almost completely remove all localised data centres that were present in each country. The data centre running cost models we prepared prove that annual operational costs have been reduced, whilst there are the avoided costs associated with maintaining and repairing old, legacy in-country data centres.
    • Increased technology flexibility. The client now has at its disposal a central data centre ready to house the latest server and storage technologies available.
    • Technology upgrades can be delivered with a significantly smaller logistical and resource challenges, enabling a quicker, cheaper and less-risky deployment.

    The programme was completed ahead of the original client schedule, with zero loss of functionality to the business units.