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Regulations adopted by The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) which took effect on 1st March 2017 apply to any non-US and US financial services company operating within the State of New York.

Companies have to comply by implementing a cybersecurity program and cybersecurity policy based upon a risk assessment which must address, to the extent applicable, under section 500.03, (j) physical security and environmental controls.

Physical security and environmental controls are a complex area that affect IT firmware in Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) systems. Common protocols used by cooling, power generation and distribution systems are susceptible to cyber-attack because they have weak or non-existent authentication and/or encryption.

We hosted our M&E Cybersecurity & Data Centre Failures London Briefing at The National Gallery on 14th June 2017, which also highlighted the importance of DCIRN (Data Center Incident Reporting Network) a non-profit organisation making data centres safer by sharing knowledge.

i3 is currently working with DCPro on a training course to help clients to identify cyber-attack vectors and remediate weaknesses specific to data centres by adopting best practise cybersecurity techniques.

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