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How electricity price volatility and the race to grid sustainability is accelerating demand response opportunities in data centres

To date much of the data centre sector has declared itself unready to consider demand response– otherwise called demand side response (DSR). There has often been a refusal to engage because prevailing attitudes are that it is too much trouble.

Perhaps attitudes may change now that individuals and associations representing a wide range of energy intensive industries such as glass and steelmaking are on TV news programmes warning governments that high energy costs could bankrupt them…

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Dynamic workload provision demands automated and adaptable data centre power provision

As a general rule of thumb, data centres don’t tend to be operated utilising above 70 percent of their total power. In addition to this headroom maintained for reasons of, e.g., redundancy, some data centre power can also become stranded, or trapped as a result of IT deployments when equipment is added, shifted or replaced in the racks.

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